I tell visual stories.

Although my life is organised in black and white, my photography reflects the world around me as I experience it in full colour.

My photography is mostly categorised into travel, reportage and corporate. This reflects my personal love of travel (including people and places) and events; and supports the corporate work I do.

Karin Henriques_Karin 2
Exploring the Karoo. My favourite holidays have been those with no agenda and no destination.  (Photograph by Paul Henriques)

Portugal: A country of surprises (2018)

A place of prayer. Portalegre, Portugal 2018 (by Karin Henriques)

Zanzibar: African island (2018)

Zanzi album17
The Rock, Zanzibar, 2018 (by Karin Henriques)


Las Vegas: The place of no time (2017)
Loeriesfontein: Small town, big heart (2017)
Namibia: Desert sunshine (2016)

Nakluft National Park, Namibia (by Karin Henriques)


Prins Albert: Karoo Prince (2011)
South Africa: Portraits of a country
Cape Town: Views of the mother city

KAPsani2c (2016)
Obz open streets (2013)
A family wedding (2011)
Highlights selection

Steinhoff Upholstery: Furniture in the making: Rzepin (Poland)
Puris: Golden M furniture: Brilon (Germany)
Restonic: Beds factory : Johannesburg (South Africa: 2015)
Woodchem: People behind chemicals: Piet Retief (South Africa: 2015)
PG Bison: A factory in the heart of a forest: Ugie (South Africa: 2012)

PG Bison factory, Ugie, Eastern Cape (by Karin Henriques)

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